10 tips for the selection of telematic systems

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At the first stage telematic systems have been used in the vehicle fleets by logistic and transportation enterprises.


By this one can evaluate position data and give information to the customers at any time and one can improve the service quality tremendously.

A short time ago CRANEMARKET24 has already described in detail the advantages and applications in the cranes and lifting technology, such as p. e. the recording of machinery data, operation conditions, readout of error messages and error corrections, Theft protection… This report is available on this web site.

In the cranes and lifting technology the data systems of cranes, working platforms or forklifts will be connected via telecommunication system to the IT systems in the company. The applications resulting out of this connection allow the process automation, the enhancement of product quality and the efficiency in costs reduction as well as the improvement of customer satisfaction. Due to increasing costs pressure the enterprises cannot avoid digitalization, if they want to stay competitive.

Following you find 10 useful tips for the selection of an appropriate telematics system:

Tip no. 1:

Generally it is not right to say: “Small  supplier = small standard solution” or “big telematics provider = best provider”. Often small providers are very responsive to customers requirements and they often integrate software modules that are  very important for the costs savings.

Tip no. 2:

Verify and document your business processes and their functions (who, what, how, media, assistance by IT or manual). Inform your provider about the details of your IT infrastructure to enable him to recognize and integrate the relevant interfaces.

Tip no. 3:

Prefer a competent provider with support and service in your language and coming from your country, your region! Or an international company with an operable subsidiary - no rep. office – in your country / your region (registration in the commercial register).

Tip no. 4:

Challenge the service and support: personnel and concrete contact persons? assistance before, during and after installation in your crane and lifting equipment? How and how fast problems will be handled? Response times? Waiting loops? Require the agreements in written form.

Tip no. 5:

Does the supplier offer telematics solutions of third parties only, does it develop by it-self or in cooperation with a telematics provider? This has a high influence to the data availability and safety. Ask intensively for information about origin, handling, analysis and storage of your data.

Tip no. 6:

Read technical contribution, written by independent specialized journalists – not from the providers – to be able to appraise also the development status of the telematics solutions. Here is an important link:


Tip no. 7:

Get in touch with users who have been interviewed in the technical contribution and who have already integrated the telematics solutions. Ask for their advices. Especially ask the users from related spheres of business of the crane and lifting technology, commercial vehicle industry, mobile working, construction and agriculture machinery.

Tip no. 8:

Agree a testing period for several weeks with the providers of the short-list in order to enable you and your employees to get familiar to the system and to collect application experiences during some weeks. Please test also the emergency case and the reaction times.

Tip no. 9:

In the “TOPLIST der Telematik” you can find all important telematic providers of the German language territory, that have taken successfully an independent test by a competent committee. This test will be repeated annually and contains to technology, data safety, support and service, too.

Tip no. 10:

Home | Telematics-Scout#14F48DE is existing since 2016 as a B2B searching web portal with a market overview about all international supplier, also for the telematic sections vehicles, vehicle fleet, utility vehicles, construction machinery, cranes and lifting equipment und much more. This web site supplies to the providers and interested parties many information and a good decision basis.


If you take these advices into consideration, you ensure a successful integrationof your telematics system for your vehicle fleet and your crane and lifting equipment (cranes, platforms and forklifts).

Telematik-Systeme wurden zuerst bei Logistik- und Transportunternehmen in deren Fuhrparks eingesetzt. Man kann damit Positionsdaten ermitteln und dem Kunden zu jeder Zeit Auskunft darüber erteilen und damit die Servicequalität erheblich steigern.

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Since some years these telematic systems are used in construction machinery as well as in crane and lifting equipment in cranes, forklifts, telescopic loaders and working platforms.

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Seit einigen Jahren finden solche Telematik-Systeme immer mehr Anwendung in allen Arten von Baumaschinen, so auch in der Kran- und Hebetechnik bei Kranen, Staplern und Arbeitsbühnen.

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CRANEMARKET24 is winning more and more attention; the number of new users and visitors is growing by 45 to 53 %, month by month; the average request of information is 9 pages per session. The mean residence time is 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

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CRANEMARKET24 gewinnt immer mehr Aufmerksamkeit; Die Anzahl der neuen Nutzer und Besucher wächst monatlich um ca. 45 – 53 %; sie rufen durchschnittlich 9 Seiten je Sitzung auf. Die Sitzungen dauern durchschnittlich 9 Min. und 36 Sek.

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Der japanische Kran-Hersteller KATO ist mit einer Reihe von interessanten City-Kranen wieder an den deutschen Markt zurückgekehrt. Die Mini & Mobile Cranes Körner GmbH in Duisburg ist Generalvertreter der KATO Mobilkran.

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Wildeshausen. 75 Meter Arbeitshöhe, 41 Meter Reichweite, 600 Kilogramm Korblast und hoch mobil. Beeindruckend sind die technischen Daten der neuen Arbeitsbühne von Hüffermann Krandienst.

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Hüffermann zeigte neuesten Elektrokran auf der IAA Nutzfahrzeuge – New Mobility World LIVE Hannover/Wildeshausen. Auf der gerade zu Ende gegangenen IAA Nutzfahrzeuge – New Mobility World LIVE von Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH präsentiert:

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Als Unternehmen mit über 100 Jahren Tradition als Fahrzeugbauer und rund 50-jähriger Erfahrung als Krandienstleister kombinierten wir diese Erfahrungen - Ergebnis ist der Elektrokran von Hüffermann,das stärkste mobile Elektro-Ladekran-Fahrzeug am Markt.

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der erste Händler für Krane und Hubarbeitsbühnen auf unserem Portal ...

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Eine mittlerweile jahrzehntelange, erfolgreiche Partnerschaft verbindet die Firmen FRANZ BRACHT und SENNEBOGEN. Mit dem gleichzeitigen Einsatz von drei SENNEBOGEN Raupenkranen in Offenburg setzt das Unternehmen auf Flexibilität und Zuverlässigkeit.

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Die SENNEBOGEN Maxcab setzte seit 2007 den Maßstab in der Welt des Materialumschlags mit Schiebetür und luftgefedertem Komfortsitz. Als meist-verbaute Kabine aller SENNEBOGEN Kabinenvarianten, hat die Maxcab zur bauma ein neues Innenleben bekommen.

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13. Bauma-Auftritt mit höchstem Baukran, besonderer Autokran-Installation und einer Vielzahl internationaler Fachbesucher ein voller Erfolg

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Ein Kurzbericht zur BAUMA 2016

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