Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane successes

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Biberach / Riss (Germany), 06. January 2017 – 13 Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction cranes have been delivered since the Bauma 2016. The feedback from the first jobs tackled by the cranes has been very positive.

The five-axle machine features an enormous range and high lifting capacities combined with compact dimensions.

The MK 140 has already completed several jobs both in luffing mode and in trolley mode with examples including installing windows in a tower block in Stuttgart and roofing work in Bonn and Munich.


A dizzying height for EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG in Stuttgart

Wiesbauer MK 140

One job completed by the Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane operated by Wiesbauer GmbH & Co. KG saw the EnBW City in Stuttgart receive new windows in summer 2016. A hook height of 75 m and a hoisting load of around 750 kg were required for the job on the 65 m tower block. The crane was ready to start after less than an hour, including assembly, ballasting and conversion to luffing mode. The small footprint of the mobile construction crane was a real benefit. The new VarioJib concept with its two modes, trolley mode (standard trolley movement mode) and luffing mode (adjustable jib mode) was extremely useful for this job. Luffing mode enables the luffed jib position to be adjusted infinitely when loaded between -20° and 70°. The hook heights of up to 94 m which can be achieved with this underline the great flexibility of the MK 140 for site use and are unique in this class.


Enormous range despite tree obstacles in Bonn

Salgert MK 140

The MK 140 Plus operated by Salgert GmbH was in action on the banks of the Rhine in the former German capital of Bonn – the Plus package in the name comprises an additional function with which the lifting capacity can be increased by around 10% 

when necessary. The mobile construction crane hoisted roofing material on to a multi- story residential and office building in the District of Bad Godesberg. As a result of the difficult space conditions, the MK had to be assembled a relatively long way away from the site. To enable it to reach the roof from the riverside promenade, both available jib extensions were installed on the MK 140 mobile construction crane. The resulting maximum radius of 65 m enabled the MK 140 to achieve a lifting capacity at the jib head of 1,000 kg with just nine tonnes of additional ballast. The roofing material for this job weighed in at precisely this value.


High handling capacity in the capital of Bavaria

Schmidbauer MK 140


Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG, a system service provider for hoisting and transportation, also used its MK 140 mobile construction crane in autumn 2016 to complete roofing work on a new-build logistics centre in the east of Munich. Thanks to the vertical tower typical of the MK series, the entire length of the jib could be used despite the overhanging edges of the building. The largest model of the MK range was required to hoist the 1.9 t trapezoidal plates with a radius of 58 m to a height of 36 m. The high handling capacity of this mobile crane system was particularly beneficial for this large building.

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Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH

Biberach / Riss, Germany

Biberach / Riss (Deutschland), 06. Januar 2017 – Seit der Bauma 2016 wurden 13 Liebherr-Mobilbaukrane MK 140 ausgeliefert. Die Rückmeldungen zu den ersten Einsätzen sind durchweg positiv.

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