Liebherr’s participation at Conexpo Con/Agg 2017

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Biberach / Riss (Germany), 22 December 2016 - During Conexpo Con/Agg 2017, Liebherr will present a very extensive range of its crane & lifting equipment, earthmoving, material handling and construction equipment product line.

The Liebherr outdoor booth will be found at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Gold lot G4637. 

From March 7-11 2017, more than 25 pieces of Liebherr equipment will be presented at Conexpo Con/Agg 2015. The outdoor area will cover 50,000 ft for the presentation of Liebherr’s crane and lifting products (mobile crane, tower cranes, crawler cranes), components and all other innovative products in earthmoving, material handling and construction machinery industry. The Liebherr components product line for the mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive systems will be displayed in the sout hall, Booth No. S84230, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Liebherr CONEXPO 1 

Since CRANEMARKET24 is specified in the crane and lifting industry this report is limited to these products and services and does not include information about the other a. m. products. 

World premiere: Liebherr crane portfolio extended with rough-terrain cranes

Liebherr has completed its mobile crane product range with an additional series of rough-terrain cranes in the 100 USt (90-metric ton) and 110 USt (100-metric ton) classes. They offer tot he customers high performance, safety and comfort. For the design of the new Liebherr LRT cranes the high safety levels in every respect were the main priority. Both new crane models iclude as standard an outrigger monitoring system. The crane controller recognizes and saves automatically support status, on tires or outriggers as well as the recording and monitoring of the attachment of the ballast to the turntable and the installation of the optional double folding jib, including its angle adjustment.

As a standard on the new LRT crane models the VarioBase® variable support base developed by Liebherr gives an important contribution to enhancing safety. VarioBase® also provides greater performance and flexibility on site. The safety is also improved by supporting greater comfort for the crane operator. The operator’s crane cabin is 220 mm (8.5") wider than other standard cabins on the market. It can be moved backwards for greater comfort when hoisting loads to great heights. Clear, self-explanatory controls make the crane easy fort he operator to handle.


The 110 USt (100-metric ton) LRT 1100-2.1 has a 164 ft (50 m) telescopic boom with a "Telematik" telescoping system ("Telematik") on which the various telescoping sections can be extended independently with a single cylinder and then pinned to the telescopic section above. The 30,800 lbs. (14-metric ton) of counterweights ensure high stability. The lifting capacity of the LRT 1100-2.1 is around 15% higher than that of the 100 USt (90- metric ton) model which features 26,500 lbs. (12-metric ton) of counterweights. The LRT 1090-2.1 features a 154 ft (47 m) telescopic boom. Its telescoping system is consisting of a two-stage hydraulic cylinder including a rope extension mechanism.

A new Experience Liebherr tower crane 710 HC-L in the virtual world

Liebherr will offer its visitors a unique experience at Conexpo – with a virtual reality application they can experience a tower crane in real time – for example, the Liebherr 710 HC-L, which is currently in action on the MoMA Tower in New York.

This "flight" can hardly be expressed in words – you just have to feel it, to experience it. Simply take a look through the virtual reality goggles and you will find a whole new world – from the fair booth direct to New York city, to a job site about 1,000 ft. (300 m) in the air, immediately in front of the Liebherr 710 HC-L luffing jib crane. Using the game pad you can explore this 3-D world for yourself – take a look at the man-size hook up close, fly into the crane's jib or through gigantic urban canyons and watch the traffic below – anything is possible. Using this virtual reality application, visitors can experience the crane in a whole new dimension, including different weather conditions and different times of the day and night.

Liebherr 81 K.1 tower crane

Liebherr will be presenting its new 81 K.1 fast-erecting crane, which is an upgrade of the 81 K, at the Conexpo Con/Agg in Las Vegas. The new crane 81 K.1 is even more powerful and flexible than the 81 K. The lifting capacity of the upgraded Liebherr 81 K.1 fast-erecting crane can be temporarily increased by up to 20%. By the use the Load-Plus function, it is not necessary to use an additional larger crane for heavyweight hoists. By bolting on an extension, the jib can be extended by 9.84 ft. (3 m) without much effort. Compared to its predecessor crane model 81 K , this increases the maximum radius to 157 ft. (48 m). This almost positions the crane into the next higher crane class.

Liebherr is also unveiling the new optional exterior cabin for its K series cranes. Depending on requirements, this cabin can be installed quickly and easily on any new K crane using its own load hook. The safe access ladder on the side is veasy to reach. Due to its external position, the crane driver has a perfect view of the job site.
The new cabin with its ergonomic controls provides the crane driver with plenty of space and enables him to work efficiently without fatigue. This results in greater capacity and safety in operation. Another positive side-effect of this modular system is that costs will be reduced for fleet operators: the same cabin can be used on different Liebherr fast- erecting cranes where necessary.

Liebherr: the full service provider for deep foundation applications

For the LRH 600 the successful and tried-and-tested crawler crane model LR 1300 with attached leader system functions as a basic machine. It is particularly suitable for tough piling operations with high outreach. This machine will be displayed also at Conexpo with the Liebherr rotary drive BAT 320 including another possible working tool: the hammer H 15 L. Thanks to the short and lightweight design, the hammer is extremely efficient as well as user-friendly in consideration of transportation and maintenance. At the same time, the pile helmet is soundproof (low noise) in the standard version.

The Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane, type HS 8130 HD, can be used for various deep foundation applications as well as for the typical material handling tasks of a duty cycle crawler crane. These include working with slurry wall grab up to 35 t and casing oscillator up to 3 m, material loading with grab or dragline bucket, dynamic soil compaction as well as various dredging applications.

In deep foundation work Liebherr offers its customers a large complete range of services: itechnical consultation in the planning stage, application consulting and supervision on the jobsite, training, recording, evaluation and transfer of machine data via LiDAT as well as the documentation and analysis of the processes on the jobsite via PDE/PDR. At Conexpo Liebherr shows LiPOS, the new positioning system for Liebherr machines and working tools, and its simulators allowing for training in a virtual but realistic environment.

Liebherr components on Conexpo display

Liebherr’s Components division exhibits a wide portfolio of innovative components from the mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive systems areas in the South Hall 4, Booth #S84230. One of the main highlights is the hydraulic cylinder series-production range for pressures of up to 350 bar, which will be presented for the first time to the American market. Specifically designed for dynamic loads, this series of double-acting differential cylinders is suitable for mobile as well as in industrial environments in the pressure range of up to 350 bar, optionally up to 380 bar. In general, 20 different piston diameters between 3.94 to 8.66 inches (100 to 220 mm) can be combined with two piston rod diameters and strokes of up to 90.55 inches (2,300 mm) can be achieved.

On the Components' fair stand, visitors can find the newly developed LH30VO axial piston pump of swash plate design too. The medium pressure pump complements the existing product portfolio in the range of 280 bar nominal pressure and is suited for use in mobile construction and lifting machinery. The pump for all mobile applications with open circulation has a specific delivery rate of 45 cm3 per rotation and is already available with two of the most common controls.

Further new developments at the exhibition are the electric travel drives FAT 400 and FAT 550 with permanent magnet technology, which follow the FAT 325 launched in 2015. With this product range Liebherr adds electric versions to its previously hydraulically operated travel drives and responds, on the one hand, to the increasing demand for electrically powered crawler-tracked vehicles and, on the other, meets the demand for environmentally friendly technologies. The solution ensures high power density from an extremely compact design. The latter enables tailor-made placement of the drivetrain in the confined space conditions of the machine. A reduced number of spare parts, in turn, provide for a long service life. With the IP67 protection and durable sealing systems, the entire Liebherr drive is not only protected from environmental influences, such as dust and water in normal operation, but is optimally adapted to specific environmental conditions.

Liebherr will also be showing the newest developments in the diesel engines segment. The exhibited D956 A7 in-line engine represents one member of the new engine family by Liebherr and sets forth the development strategy based on modularity, i.e. exhaust after treatment and standardized parts and options. This state-of-the-art in- line engine has been developed to fulfill the current and future requirements set by customers and emission regulations.


Liebherr at the 2014 Conexpo Con/Agg in Las Vegas.

World premiere in Las Vegas: The new Liebherr rough-terrain cranes are designed for high capacity and safety.

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